Are You Looking to Join Columbus Soccer Club?

One of the most common questions we get from parents is how to get a child involved in Columbus Soccer Club. Well, you've come to the right place. This page will have all of the information you need to get started with club soccer in Columbus!

If you have a child that is interested in joining a club soccer team, click here to complete our "Soccer Club Interest Form" to let us know. There is no cost to complete this form, so make sure you are using the "soccer interest" form and not our annual registration form that we use to charge yearly dues to players that are already accepted onto a club roster.

Completing this form provides us the basic contact details we need to reach out to you whenever there is an opening on the roster of an existing team, as soon as we have enough interest from enough players to form a new team, or whenever we will be holding a tryouts event. If your child is added to a club team, you can go back to our registration portal, log in using the account you created when you completed the "soccer interest form," and complete a full registration and pay the registration fees required to be a club member.

Columbus Soccer Club is for everyone! We have teams at a variety of skill levels from recreational to competitive as well as select teams. In order to form a team, we simply need enough players to fill a roster, and a coach or two to lead the team. 

In order to make your child's soccer experience an enjoyable and worthwhile one, we will work to develop players through weekly training, developmental league opportunities, and other soccer camps and events. At the youngest age divisions, players will not be locked in to a single roster. Rather, rosters may vary from one event to the next, and all players of the same age group may train together. As players get older, our club will start to identify the abilities of each player and start to settle on rosters that pair similar skillsets together. As players get older, teams will be sorted out by skill level with teams participating in events that will give them meaningful games with other teams that are also at similar skill levels. Tryouts are not held until players reach the U11 and older age division, where rosters will be set strictly by the ability of the player. Regardless of age, our club will continue to offer as many teams as we can at all ages and skill levels. A new adult league has also formed in town for those who are looking to continue their soccer career after they leave Columbus Soccer Club.

Playing club soccer does require a level of commitment including attending weekly soccer practices and some travel for league games and tournaments. Players are responsible for purchasing a uniform and will need basic soccer equipment (shoes, shin guards, and a ball) to participate. If you are unable to cover some of these expenses, our club does have incentives and scholarships available to help with those costs. 

Visit our parent resources page for more information about these requirements and what it takes to get started in club soccer. We also have a few training videos for players who want to get started practicing at home.


Click here to complete our "Soccer Club Interest Form"